Our admiration for Stone Island will always be huge, however it’s always good to branch out. In this feature we take a look at some alternatives to the iconic compass logo with a selection of brands like Stone Island.

If you’re into your clothes and you don’t know who or what Stone Island is then you probably need to do your research. Founded by Massimo Osti in 1972, Stone Island has pioneered state of the art technical fabrics, garment dyeing & all things in between. Something like the Lamborghini equivalent in the fashion world, Stone Island continues to grow its loyal fanbase from the original “Casual” wearers of the 1980s & 90s to the new generation of luxury streetwear connoisseurs. However even with a brand like Stone Island it’s always good to look at other options. In this feature we take a look at some alternatives to the compass logo label with a selection of brands like Stone Island.

C.P. Company

Above: Brands like Stone Island #1 C.P. Company

You probably already knew that C.P. Company had some sort of connection to Stone Island. Well it certainly does. The Italian brand was also founded by Massimo Osti & is actually the older sibling of Stone Island. With its iconic Mille Miglia Goggle Jackets, C.P. Company quickly became a mainstay on the UK terraces in the 80s & 90s. Worn by a range of artists from Grime legends like Stormzy to the Gallagher brothers, C.P. Company is just about as good as it gets when its comes to technical sportswear. 2021 saw C.P. Company celebrate its 50th anniversary with a range of exhibitions & collaborations with the likes of Barbour & Gary Aspden adidas SPEZIAL.

More recently collaborating with Clarks Originals, C.P. Company has pioneered garment dyeing as well as a selection of technical fabrics from Nyfoil to Kan-D. Over the years C.P. Company has also embraced its subcultural roots on the football terraces and continues to be a fan favourite from Milano to Manchester. The brand continues to push the boundaries of garment engineering whilst also maintaining its Osti roots of the past.




Above: Brands like Stone Island #2 NEMEN

Next up is NEMEN, which is another Italian brand & was founded by Leonardo Fasolo in 2012. Prior to NEMEN, Fasolo previously worked under the direction of Stone Island’s Carlo Rivetti at Milan’s European institute of design. Working alongside Carlo Rivetti & Paul Harvey at Stone Island as well as Massimo Osti’s son, Lorenzo Osti, at C.P. Company, Fasolo has certainly earned his sportswear stripes on the Italian design circuit.

Based in the heart of Italy’s design hub in Milan, NEMEN specialise in the handmade treatment of design in technical fabrication. Think military field jackets in bold garment dyed purples & unique fabrics with more function than your average. A constant evolution of experimentation, NEMEN continue to push the boundaries of garment innovation with military inspiration and jackets that probably make you want to miss the next instalment on your mortgage.




Brands like Stone Island MA.STRUM
Above: Brands like Stone Island #3 MA.STRUM

Originally founded in 2008, MA.STRUM have continued to put their own unique take on technical sportswear. Launched in collaboration with the Massimo Osti Archive, MA.STRUM quickly gained the attention of those in the know with its military inspired Osti aesthetic. Now completely independent from the Osti Archive, the homegrown UK technical label has become synonymous with quality, fabric engineering & experimentation.

A master of form and function, hence the name, some of MA.STRUM’s stand out pieces have included shield visor jackets as well as a unique range of camouflage prints & hues. Fusing together the Italian sportswear aesthetic of the 80s & 90s with modern day fabric technology and designs, MA.STRUM is definitely a brand like Stone Island you should check out.




Above: Brands like Stone Island #4 ST95

ST-95 was originally launched by Massimo Osti in the mid 90s & now returns for 2022 courtesy of Christopher Raeburn & Left Hand Studio. First introduced in the mid 90s, 1995 to be exact, ST95 is a relatively unknown side project by “The Godfather of Sportswear” that even those who know their Raso from their Rubber Flax might not be familiar with. 1993 saw Carlo Rivetti take full own ownership of C.P. Company & Osti started his own projects with Left Hand & ST-95.

Now under the direction of Left Hand Studio & RÆBURN’s very own Christopher Raeburn, ST95 is revived with its unique Osti aesthetic. Re-imagined for the modern day wearer, the latest ST95 collection features its original sporty charm with a collection of stand out pieces like the Pegasus jacket which features a dual dyed fabric & inspiration from US Navy Seal gear.



Left Hand

left hand studio brands like Stone Island
Above: Brands like Stone Island #5 Left Hand

Another relatively unknown side project of Massimo Osti is Left Hand, which was also recently revived courtesy of Christopher Raeburn & Left Hand Studio. First launched in 1993, the same time Carlo Rivetti took full ownership of C.P. Company, Left Hand saw Osti develop numerous fabrics & concepts such as Thermojoint. Thermojoint is a military spec fabric consisting of a non-woven nylon & polyester blend that even boasted protection against nuclear radiation, if that’s something you need in your outerwear. With Left Hand Osti designed a range of military inspired one-of-a-kind pieces utilising his skills & innovation from C.P. Company & Stone Island.

Left Hand was however relatively short lived & in 1999 Left Hand was no longer although the legacy that Left Hand left is probably far bigger than it was back in the 90s. The good news for the classic Osti fans out there is that Left Hand is now back, maintaining Osti’s vision of intense textile research and military research with contemporary designs for the modern day wearers.