When it comes to streetwear it’s always good to branch out, we take a look at some alternatives to the box logo with a selection of streetwear brands like Supreme.

We all know just how good, and popular for that matter, Supreme New York are. The brand just seems to remain relevant no matter what with its hardcore fans of streetwear enthusiasts. Thanks to luxury streetwear collaborations with Louis Vuitton back in 2017, the traditional “street” appeal of Supreme has also shifted in recent years to a more mainstream world. Supreme drops are also getting harder to get your hands on, with resale values fetching higher prices than ever before, the days of “copping at retail” seem like something of the past. So if you’re looking to branch out your streetwear wardrobe, or are just fed up of queuing behind velvet rope barriers & paying over retail, here’s a selection of streetwear brands like Supreme that we recommend as an alternative.

Awake NY

A feature focusing about streetwear brands like Supreme, would not be complete with mentioning Awake NY. Awake, also calls New York its home, has Supreme in its DNA courtesy of its founder, Angelo Baque, who was a former brand director for Supreme for over 10 years. Baque played a pivotal role in the global growth of Supreme and it’s dominance in the streetwear scene. In 2012 Baque founded Awake NY as well as his own creative agency. Stocked in a selection of exclusive stockists, Awake NY captures the energy & vibrancy of New York City with 90s streetwear inspiration. Collections feature a rang of streetwear staples such as graphic hoodies, tees, 6 panel hats, varsity jackets & sweatshirts. With athletic influences, Awake NY has recently collaborated with New Era with a selection of Yankees goodies, as well as Reebok & Carhartt WIP.

Streetwear Brands Like Supreme AWAKE New York
Above: Streetwear brands like Supreme #1 AWAKE New York.


Noah is another New York born streetwear which was also founded by an ex-Supreme creative. Founded back in the mid noughties by Brendon Babenzien, ex creative director for Supreme, Noah’s first collection dropped in 2015. The brand quickly gained the attention of streetwear’s elite for Babenzien’s unique spin on classic 90s streetwear. Drawing inspiration from the original New York scene, youth culture, skateboarding, graffiti, punk, hip hop & everything else in between, Noah taps into the glory days of streetwear for a varied age range from the original Snow Beach wearers to the younger Gen Z’s looking for an alternative to brands like Supreme.

Based out of their flagship store on 195 Mulberry St in Soho, New York (shout out to Lefty), Noah’s collections have everything from corduroy hoodies to utility trench coats. Other highlights include a range of graphic tees, varsity jackets, flannel shirts, classic sweatpants, 6 panel hats & a range of accessories. Noah isn’t just your average streetwear brand, they donate a portion of their profits to causes they believe in as well as making sure all their materials are sourced from fair working factories. Recent collaborations have included the likes of adidas Originals & Barbour.

Streetwear Brands Like Supreme Noah
Above: Streetwear brands like Supreme #2 Noah.

Polar Skate Co

Founded by Pontus Alv in Malmo back in 2011, Polar Skate Co is a skate brand specifically for skaters. A long serving skater for Carhartt, Pontus Alv decided to introduce his own skate brand which is now represented by some of the the skateboarding worlds’ elite such as Oskar Rozenberg, Hjalte Halberg, Shin Sanbongi and Dane Brad. Offering a range of classic streetwear staples such as half zip sweatshirts, 5 panel caps, tees, flannel shirts & coach jackets. As to be expected from a proper skate brand, Polar Skate Co also offer a range of skateboard accessories such as decks, grip tape & trucks.

Streetwear Brands Like Supreme Polar Skate Co
Above: Streetwear brands like Supreme #3 Polar Skate Co.

Thames London

Thames London is a quintessentially British streetwear brand which was started by Blondey McCoy. Think skating around South Bank with loads of gold jewellery on & ‘God Save The Queen’ playing in the background and you’re probably nearly there. The Palace skateboarder turned model, launched Thames London back in 2017 which has since rose to prominence on the UK’s homegrown streetwear scene. Thames have collaborated with Fred Perry on numerous occasions, adding a unique London streetwear spin on the heritage British brand. The latest collection from the London born label includes a range of jewellery from rings to pendants, skateboard decks, sunglasses, socks and logo tees.

Streetwear Brands Like Supreme Thames London
Above: Streetwear brands like Supreme #4 Thames London.


Pleasures is a Los Angeles based streetwear brand which was founded by Alex James in 2015. Growing up in and around the suburbs of New Jersey, James grew up watching bands on New York’s underground punk scene. This love for underground music from metal to grunge has had a massive influence on the brand with controversial designs that have gained the attention of the streetwear elite. Worn by a range of celebrities from A$AP Rocky to The Weeknd, Pleasures’ unique aesthetic can be anything from punk album inspired graphics to tie-dye prints. Pleasures recently collaborated with the Manchester born 80s electronic/new wave band, New Order, which included a range of apparel featuring the bands’ ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ album artwork by Peter Saville from 1983.

Above: Streetwear brands like Supreme #5 Pleasures.

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