best new york streetwear brands

5 New York Streetwear Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Some of The Best Brands From The Big Apple

New York is a fashion powerhouse of the world. It makes complete sense then that the Big Apple has produced some of the biggest New York streetwear brands on the global scene.

Streetwear brands from the Big Apple that are vastly turning heads and making a global noise. HUF, Kith and should I even need to mention, brands like Supreme are all homegrown New York labels. Familiar names, that have all built a global following and worn by the masses. But what if you want to stay ahead of the curve? The industry is evolving, and the New York brands are emerging to bring a new wave to the scene. Drawing inspiration from the City’s connection to Hip Hop culture, graffiti, skateboarding & subculture spanning all the way back to the 1970s in this feature we take a look at some of the best New York Streetwear brands that need to be on your radar.

Aimé Leon Dore

Above: New York streetwear brands that should be on your radar #1 Aimé Leon Dore

First stop, Queens, New York. Where we find street and lifestyle brand, Aimé Leon Dore. Founded in 2014 by Teddy Santis, the brand has a strong focus on simple yet powerful design. Aimé Leon Dore beautifully blurs the lines between vintage and modern aesthetics to create a timeless look and feel. One flick through the the brands’ collections will portray the vast range of colours on the brands pallet. Perfect for finding your staple piece to foreground any outfit. Hot collaborations are also furthering brand awareness. Boasting collections alongside New Balance, Porsche, New Era and more.

Awake New York

Above: New York streetwear brands that should be on your radar #2 Awake New York

Awake New York is a streetwear brand that is the product of Angelo Baque, Supreme’s former brand director. Founded in 2012, the brand captures the unique cultural spirit of New York. A focus which can resonate with many of the city’s streetwear enthusiasts. Awake NY have mastered their craft. Using conventional pieces, the brand adds vibrancy through colours and innovative design to stamp their distinguished signature. It is noticeable too that Awake NY are in tune with the latest fashion trends outside of the streetwear realm. Their latest collection boasts a range of pieces with fashion versatility. These include Corduroy varsity jackets and knitted cardigans.

Call Me 917

Above: New York streetwear brands that should be on your radar #3 Call Me 917

It is evident that skate culture has had a colossal influence on the streetwear scene. And in the eyes of a true skater, the hype is a controversial subject. Call Me 917 or NineOneSeven is a New York brand which has been born through the art and purpose of skating. Yet once again, the boarding brand has started to emerge within streetwear culture, and we are happy to see it make waves.

As you would have guessed, skate decks, printed tee’s and 6 panel caps all make up the product list. However, the unique prints/designs used are admiringly unique and differentiate from other skate brands. Founded by pro skater Alex Olson, the designer describes his brand as ‘a real core skate thing only at selected skate shops’. And as we all know, exclusivity generates a buzz and the brand has become highly sought after with almost all products selling out. Keep yourself updated with this one to ensure you don’t miss out on the next drop.

Fucking Awesome

Above: New York streetwear brands that should be on your radar #4 Fucking Awesome

Never judge a book by its cover? Well, when it comes to Fucking Awesome, this brand is exactly how the name suggests. Once again, New York has blessed the streetwear scene with yet another skateboarding brand. Fucking Awesome or FA for sensitive ears, was created by pro skaters, Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen. Collaborations with Vans, Adidas and Independent Trucks, has proven that the brand has firmly established itself as a top-tier contender. A rebellious teenage skater personified; the brand appeals to those who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Skate fits aren’t only what’s to offer. FA supply a number of pieces which have the potential to upscale your get-up. Reversible bombers, velvet denim jackets and full-print trench coats portray the range innovative efforts from the brand. Made up of two skate teams (FA and HOCKEY), Fucking Awesome is more than a brand. It is a culture, a community and definitely one to be on your radar.


Above: New York streetwear brands that should be on your radar #5 Noah

Last stop, Soho, New York. Noah is an environmentally conscious sustainable streetwear brand, founded by Brendon Babenzien, former creative director of Supreme. Noah makes an effort to take a stand against poor ethical practice in the fashion industry and also donates profit portions to various causes.

There’s no doubt about it, Noah is streetwear through and through. Noah merges classic menswear with the influence of the rebellious vitality of skate, surf, and music cultures. The brand pays homage to major causes though their products, often with designs and t-shirt prints. A free-thinking brand which is hard to ignore.

High-quality materials make up the full range of products and accessories on offer. The versatility is admirable from Noah as you could easily put together a fit for whether you need to skate, feel comfortable, dress up or dress down. Embroidered hoodies have grown to become a fan favourite, and these boast a full range of different colours. A sought-after piece which is often sold out. Shop the latest New York streetwear releases now via the links above.