Sustainable Streetwear Brands

5 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Where Street Style Gets Sustainable

Over the last 10 year climate change has accelerated to all new levels with heatwaves and flooding a common occurrence. In this feature we take a look at some of the best sustainable streetwear brands who are doing their bit for the planet.

Who ever said style had to be compromised for sustainability? With fashion being the second-most polluting industry in the world, the time for sustainable products is now needed more than ever before. The rise of fast-fashion has seen a tremendous amount of non-bio gradable materials that have ended up in landfills & oceans all over the world. More recently, we have seen a change in brands using recycled sources as well as a range of sustainable streetwear brands that are producing eco-friendly clothing that is both street ready and sustainable. For streetwear consumers the demand for sustainability as well as the designs themselves have become just as desirable. With more people now looking for longevity in their clothes & sustainable alternatives for their wardrobes, sustainable streetwear is on the rise. In this feature we take a look at some of the best sustainable streetwear brands that are doing their bit for the environment.


Patagonia Sustainable Streetwear Brands
Above: Sustainable streetwear brands that should be on your radar #1 Patagonia

Formed in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has become one of the world’s most respected outdoor brands. With its array of technical rain jackets and fleeces, the California based outdoors label has the perfect answer to reusing, re-working & recycling. Fast forward to today and the streetwear brand ensures that each product is safely and ethically produced, even going as far as revising its entire supply chain to reduce the environmental impact of production. Their “Worn Wear” programme also means that any Patagonia item can be restored in time for the colder months. Patagonia are still regarded as one of the original sustainable streetwear brands out there. Utilising everything from recycled plastic, polyester fabrics & traceable down, Patagonia are the one of the global leaders in sustainability as far as a clothing brand is concerned. Some of the latest highlights from the brand include off road cycling gear made from recycled fabrics, recycled polyester fleeces which are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn & their signature Nano Puff Down Jacket with is unique recycled polyester ripstop shell.


Nudie Sustainable Streetwear Brands
Above: Sustainable streetwear brands that should be on your radar #2 Nudie Jeans

Nudie don’t just make some of the best denim you’ve probably ever set your eyes on (they really do) they’re also really into a bit of recycling as well. When we say a bit we probably should say a lot. Manufacturing all of its product with 100% organic cotton (using 91% less water than traditional methods in the process), the Scandinavian streetwear brand Nudie Jeans pays everyone in its supply chain a living wage, recycles and resells second-hand garments. Spot checks from their factories and suppliers also occur on a regular basis, with reports being published for the public to see. Every pair of jeans comes with a life time of free repairs which means a pair of Nudie’s will literally last forever. Some of the recent highlights from the Swedish streetwear brand includes their latest Re-use collection which gives a second life to jeans that have been handed-in to their stores as well as their signature 14.2 oz redcast selvage denim which are woven by Shinya Mills in Okayam, Japan. So next time you’re looking for a pair of Selvedge jeans that are stylish and sustainable be sure to give Nudie a shout.


Sustainable Streetwear Brands Noah
Above: Sustainable streetwear brands that should be on your radar #3 Noah

Next up is Noah which is based New York and was founded by Brendon Babenzien, former creative director of Supreme. Taking its inspirations from skateboarding, punk and nautical culture the concept of Noah sees a unique and exciting identity of good quality fibres and long lasting fabrics. The New York streetwear brand makes no secret of its ethical values, its released products to support #BlackLivesMatter & has also written extensively about issues like pesticides and ocean pollution. Each product also uniquely features a fact about the damage humans are doing to the ocean on the reverse of the care label, like areas where pollution has made life completely unsustainable. The list of reasons to support the brand is endless and when making your purchase, make sure you dig deep as a portion of their profits are donated to their favourite charities. Some of the recent highlights from the East Coast streetwear brand include Western inspired windbreakers, corduroy down gilets, herringbone pants & rugby cardigans.


Sustainable Streetwear Brands VEJA
Above: Sustainable streetwear brands that should be on your radar #4 VEJA

Veja was founded back in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion with the vision to manufacture street driven footwear styles that were made entirely from sustainable materials. With its distinctive “V” branding, you’ve probably already comes across Veja’s shoes countless times on your travels. Born in 2005, the French footwear brand has put its own sustainable spin on traditional footwear production. Flying the flag for social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials the brand utilises Peruvian organic cotton, natural Amazonian rubber & recycled plastic boots to make its iconic ‘V’ logo shoes. Based out of the French capital, Veja’s trainers aren’t just sustainable they also look pretty cool. Boasting everything from canvas high top’s to retro runners, the brand offers something for all wardrobe styles. Some of their most recent highlights include sustainable styles like the Rio Branco Alveomesh runner which features recycled polyester uppers and the Campo Chromefree court trainer which features Chromefree leather uppers & an Amazonian rubber outsole.


RAEBURN RECYLED Sustainable Streetwear
Above: Sustainable streetwear brands that should be on your radar #5 RAEBURN

Founded back in 2009, RÆBURN gave us a collection of military inspired ethical outerwear which reworked field jackets & nylon parachute canopies which quickly got the fashion world talking. Based out of East London & headed up by the designer Christopher Raeburn, RÆBURN focuses heavily on designs that are environmentally responsible, reworking surplus fabrics to create functional designs. With unique, one of a kind, hand crafted garments, RÆBURN designs everything from the latest menswear trends to tote bags. The premium British sustainable streetwear brand also recently introduced their ‘RAEMADE’ collection which features a collection of reconstructed fabrics from parachutes, RAF silk maps, recycled corduroy and old German safety jackets. Chrisopher Raeburn also recently took over the creative reigns for Massimo Osti’s ST-95, putting his own love for military apparel into a range of classic Osti inspired sportswear. Some of the most recent highlights from the RÆBURN brand includes garment dyed safari parkas made from recycled Nylon, quilted gilets made from recycled polyester ripstop & sweatshirts made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.