C.P. Company Metropolis Series AW22

Functional Gear For The Urban City Dwellers

The C.P. Company Metropolis Series returns for AW22 with the very latest garment tech & a nod to Moreno Ferrari’s technical design innovation from 1999.

Let’s rewind back to 1999 for a second. ATB released the summer club anthem ‘9PM Till I Come’ and there was this film everyone was banging on about that had 3 rules in it. Bright orange inflatable chairs were a thing and the flat pack furniture trend had officially started. There was a general sense of optimism in the air as we approached a new era, despite the media’s millennium bug fears. 1999 for me personally was all about Sonneti shirts, Carbrini combat pants, Nike Air Max trainers & PlayStation. I had no idea who Moreno Ferrari was or that C.P. Company was even a brand. This passion would come several years later. It you had of asked me as a 13 year old in 1999 what a Metropolis jacket was I would have probably said it was some sort of body armour from Metal Gear Solid. It was however one of CP’s most innovative jackets to date. Released as part of their Urban Protection range, the Metropolis jacket was designed for city dwellers. With functional features all geared up for the concrete jungles like torches & pollution masks, the Metropolis was a complete game changer as far as turn of the century outerwear was concerned. The C.P. Company Metropolis Series now returns for AW22 with the very latest garment tech & a nod to Ferrari’s technical design innovation.

As usual with the Metropolis series outerwear is key and AW22 is no different. Stand out pieces include the likes of the Dynatec Mixed Down Parka which features an updated Dynafil fabric (Dynatec) as well as an integrated face mask. Then there’s the Dynatec Anorak which puts a Metropolis Series spin on the classic smock with loads of functional pockets to the front. It doesn’t just stop at outerwear though. There’s also a range of garment dyed overshirts in a emerized nylon fabric, emerized diagonal fleece hoodies & midweight loopback cotton sweatshirts all featuring the signature Metropolis Series logo.

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