The C.P. Company Shell-R Hooded Jacket gets treated to some new colourways as well as an updated post-consumer recycled polyester fabric for 2024.

If you’re in your late 30s a bit like myself then you probably got into C.P. Company back in the early to mid noughties thanks to the likes of Mike Skinner from The Streets, the cult football hooligan film ‘The Football Factory’ and the fact that every man and his dog went a bit mental for goggle hoods at the time. There was something about a C.P. jacket back then, not to mention the price tag, that literally looked like nothing else. My own personal fascination with C.P. started with knitwear that looked like you were about to set off in your yacht across the Med somewhere which was a far cry from the red brick riddled streets of council estates and dingy Italian House nightclubs I had grown up with. I think what I’m trying to say is that C.P. had a certain working class chic about it. It wasn’t the fantasy catwalk designs of brands like Dolce & Gabana or Gucci. It was C.P. Company and this latest Shell-R Hooded Jacket reminds us of where the passion first came from.

C.P. Company Shell-R Hooded Jacket

If you know you’re Chrome R from your Kan-D then you’ll know that Shell-R has become a bit of a staple across C.P. Company collections over the last few years. For 2024 Shell-R gets treated to a sustainable update with this latest collection of jackets for Spring/Summer 2024. Featuring a recycled polyester fabric which utilises post-consumed materials that would normally be thrown away, the Shell-R is the perfect bit of lightweight outerwear as we transition into the slightly warmer months. Featuring the iconic lens to the left arm which gives a nod to original “lens viewer” designs from Massimo Osti, the Shell-R also boasts a toggled hood for an optimal fit and two vertical zip pockets to the front.


C.P. Company Shell-R Hooded Jacket

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