For our latest Jacket Fanatics feature we caught up with Louis Hollinson, the Tavistock based creative director and lover of all things technical & outerwear.

It’s been a while since we last did one of our exclusive Jacket Fanatics feature. 6 months might have passed since we sat down with the Manchester based creative Eve Carol Kelly but in all fairness it’s been all hands on deck in completion of the marketplace. This week we caught up with none other than Louis Hollinson or @l.holl as he is more commonly known on the “gram”. Whilst technical outerwear enthusiasts might cringe a little with the mainstream success of the current Gorpcore trend, Louis has been a mainstay on the scene since day one. Working with a variety of top tier clients in a consultancy & creative basis, recent projects has seen Louis head up roles with the likes of Norse Projects & Lavenham to name a few. We caught up with the Tavistock based creative to talk all things technical, outerwear & what makes makes him tick.

Ok, so let’s start with the basic stuff, give us some updates on what you’ve been up to recently?

I’ve been focusing on building some good habits and spending time outside alongside work and personal projects. I recently went to the French alps for a bit to walk in the mountains and sleep under the stars. We saw nobody from Monday until Wednesday when I was back on the valley floor. Just a goat and some birds, it was so peaceful. Work wise, I am developing a creative agency called PROJECT 703 for brands to work with on various concepts and campaigns.

As this feature is all about jackets, where did your own personal passion for outerwear come from?

I think it started when I realised that I could communicate my feelings and identity without talking, purely through what I wore. This started with shoes and developed into clothes when I was around 15. Then as my interests and inspirations changed, so did my wardrobe. I went through inspirations from hip-hop/basketball, sportswear, vintage designer, Massimo Osti, tech-wear, outdoor-wear… Looking back on it the common theme through most of these phases have been an interest in functionality, but I was never prepared to compromise on aesthetics. I’ve always been interested in the psychology of it all.

jacket fanatics louis hollinson

Did you ever envisage that the whole outdoors/technical outerwear thing would become so big in recent years?

Yes, I thought it was a matter of when and not if. The garments are so comfortable in terms of temperature, weight, and mobility. The only limiting factor at the start was the amount of ‘on trend’ items that were produced/ the accessibility of it. Now I think that problem is at the other end of the scale.

Where do you see the outdoors apparel scene going over the next few years?

Trend-wise I can see more people being drawn to the outdoors through fashion in the coming years which is great. I see plenty of space for brands to develop
education platforms, event spaces, and curated experiences to help cultivate a better understanding of the natural world and how we can enjoy it while taking care of it. I’d love to see a wider shift in behaviour that transcends the fashion industry and changes our approach to living and being a responsible part of the ecosystem. The scene is large enough to provoke these questions and we have already seen a huge increase in people in the UK (and beyond) spending time outdoors and appreciating nature. Hopefully this trend can help contribute further to protecting the very land we want to use our jackets for.

Which brands have you been wearing recently and would recommend to our readers?

Brands I have been wearing recently include the likes of Oakley, XLIM, Early Majority, and Eden Power Corp. Of course, I’m always wearing my bread and butters; Patagonia, Gyakusou, and Vivobarefoot.

jacket fanatics louis hollinson

You recently worked alongside Norse Projects & Lavenham to name a few, which projects have you enjoyed the most?

I love projects that I get to work on with other talented and inspiring people. I have some very clever and creative friends around me who elevate the work we produce, and we have a great time realizing it together. I think those are the most enjoyable, projects where I can learn, collaborate, and connect with people. The Norse Projects one was great because a lot of my close friends were involved. The concept for the shoot was referencing collective consciousness, so I felt it was fitting to bring that group together to work on a project of that nature.

If you could sum up the perfect bit of outerwear in one sentence, what would it be?

OGs that followed the page from early will know this one; Comfort, Quality, and Function.

What else can we expect from the world of l.holl for the remainder of 2023?

Hopefully some more time spent outside whether its climbing, hiking, or skiing this winter. Always a tricky time of the year to balance, but I guess I have no excuse as that’s what all the jackets are for! Workwise though, not much that I can reveal really, but I do plan to start posting more regularly on IG. There are always subtle hints of what I’m working on and what I’m being inspired by.


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