ST-95 Massimo Osti

Christopher Raeburn & Left Hand Studio Revive Massimo Osti’s ST-95

The Mid 90s Osti Brand is Back With A Bang

ST-95 was originally launched by Massimo Osti in the mid 90s & now returns for 2022 courtesy of Christopher Raeburn & Left Hand Studio.

If you’re a bit of an Osti nut (we’re something like the equivalent of a train spotter to a jacket) you’ll be extremely excited to hear the news of the re-launch of an original Massimo Osti brand. First introduced in the mid 90s, 1995 to be exact, ST95 is a relatively unknown side project by “The Godfather of Sportswear”, that even those who know their Raso from their Rubber Flax might not be familiar with. From introducing state of the art garment dyeing & colour changing camouflage fabrics with Stone Island & C.P. Company in the 1980s, the 90s marked a new era for Osti. 1993 saw Carlo Rivetti take full own ownership of C.P. Company & Osti started his own projects with Left Hand & ST-95. Just like any other creative genius they need to be active with new innovation & ideas, Massimo Osti was no different.

Above: The ST-95 Exosphere Overshirt (left) from the latest ST-95 collection.

The Massimo Osti Production company utilised Massimo’s wealth of experience in the garment game & would give birth to the ST-95 line. Around the same time Osti also worked with fellow Italian’s, Superga, which would later lead to other collaborations with the likes of Levi’s & Dockers. Massimo’s son, Lorenzo Osti who is now president of C.P. Company, was in charge of marketing duties for ST-95 when he joined the family business after finishing high school in 1995. In 2005 the legend that is Massimo Osti sadly passed away. The Osti Archive was created by Lorenzo as a shrine to the superiority of Osti’s design & innovation to sportswear over the last 20 years something like an Aladdin’s cave of garment innovation & fabric samples. The Osti Archive famously worked in collaboration with MA.STRUM back in 2008, although the two no longer work together. The archive is now re-visited once again courtesy of the Left Hand Studio with the revival of the ST-95 line.

Above: The ST-95 Pegasus Jacket from the latest ST-95 collection.

Now under the direction of Left Hand Studio & RÆBURN’s very own Christopher Raeburn, ST95 is revived with its unique Osti aesthetic. Re-imagined for the modern day wearer, the latest ST95 collection features its original sporty charm with a collection of stand out pieces like the Pegasus jacket which features a dual dyed fabric & inspiration from US Navy Seal gear. Other highlights include the Drogue Smock which features a military inspired smock design as well as the Exosphere overshirt in a vibrant yellow colourway.