Stone Island Hand-Sprayed Mussola Gommata-TC

Manually Sprayed Garments Utilising Mussola Gommata

The Stone Island Hand-Sprayed Mussola Gommata collection features their signature lightweight cotton muslin fabric with a hand sprayed garment twist.

When it comes to fabric innovation Stone Island rarely fail to disappoint and this latest ‘hand sprayed’ concept for SS23 is no different. It’s all about the individual piece & not some mass produced tatt. Going back to the brands’ Osti origins back in the 1980s the main concept of garment dyeing was dyeing garments indivually for one of a kind hues. Stone Island’s various range of camouflages have taken traditional military prints and made them into collectible artwork. Archive silhouettes like the Stone Island Hand Painted Tortoise Shell Raso Gommato Jacket from 2015 were individually painted by hand using state of the art materials making each jacket completely unique from the other. Stone Island now return with more manually done marvellry with the introduction of the Hand-Sprayed Mussola Gommata-TC collection for 2023.

Utilising their exclusive fabric, Mussola Gommata, a lightweight cotton muslin which is laminated to a transparent polyurethane film with a canvas like texture. The fabric is then garment dyed and manually sprayed with a contrasting colour to give a 3 dimensional effect. Featuring across a range of lightweight Mussola Gommato outerwear which are water & wind resistant. The hand spray air brush treatment also features across organic cotton jersey sweatshirts, cotton twill sweatpants & half zip hoodies in a range of unique colourways such as sienna brown, sky blue & dark beige. The Stone Island Hand-Sprayed Mussola Gommata-TC collection is available now from