Weekly Pics #2

Our weekly picks includes a selection of styles from the weeks latest releases including a mint Moncler jacket & some seasonal ACG’s on feet.

Living in the North West of England the seasons can be pretty unpredictable at times. Apart from the fact it rains (most of the time) it can also get a little bit chilly as we transcend into the colder months. As the nights start to get darker and the air starts to smell like bonfires, or your next door’s neighbours wood burner, Autumn is a time to really get the best gear out. Big winter jackets, hats & footwear that look just as good on a pub trail in the Pennines as they do waiting at a tram stop in Prestwich. Autumn has so much more to offer than t-shirts and shorts.

Above: Weekly pics #2 featuring the latest arrivals from Moncler, and wander, C.P. Company, Nanamica & Nike ACG.

For this latest edition of Weekly Picks we’ve got the Down Filled, 70th Anniversary Maya Jacket in mint from Moncler. In the pants department its the tech heavy Alpha Dry® Club trousers from Nanamica which feature a sweat wicking fabric. On the accessories side of things it’s the C.P. Company Rubber Patch Logo beanie which is made in Italy. Daily essentials are covered courtesy of the and wander X-Pac 45L Tote Bag with functionality at the forefront. Finally on feet it’s the Nike ACG Air Mada trainers in the latest ‘light menta’ colourway.

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